Will Possums Attack Pets

Possums are known to be docile and gentle creatures. They do not have an aggressive behavior. Nonetheless, there are still cases when they will choose to attack. This is especially true when they need to defend themselves. The possums will only have two options when defending themselves against an attack. They will either play dead or attack the threat. The animal will not be a danger to anyone unless of course it has been provoked. It can even inflict a sizable damage to our pets when threatened.

Using Offense as Their Defense
Once you encounter the possum in the wild, the first thing you want to know is if they are dangerous. The size of the opossum is around the size of a medium dog. It is equipped with razor sharp teeth and their claw can easily penetrate the skin of your pets. If the animal has been threatened, the animal will not think twice to defend itself. Usually, the animal will play dead to avoid any confrontation. Hopefully, this will be enough to convince most of the attackers to leave them alone.

Are They Pet Friendly?
While the possums are not dangerous, they can still cause serious damage to our pets. Once the possums become a problematic creature, they will start to hunt for foods in the residential and commercial areas. They can disrupt our yard and raid our chicken coops. If our pets directly attack them, they will growl and hiss. Usually, this will simply be a strategy to intimidate their attackers, but there are also instances when they will attack them with their sharp teeth. They may also spread diseases to our pets such as spotted fever, tularemia, coccidiosis, Leptospirosis, and TB.

Serious Diseases Opossums May Carry
The opossums may carry mites and fleas that can be transferred to our pets. These parasites may also carry infectious diseases. For instance, they may have protozoa called Sarcocystis Neurona that can inflict neurological illness to the horse. The diseases that they carry as well as the destruction that they can bring are some of the reasons why opossums are being treated as pest by most homeowners.

The Bad Habits of the Opossums
Opossums are nocturnal; they will be pillaging foods at night. They may raid our trashcan for leftovers. They may also eat the carcass of the dead animal. This creature is not usually related with the rabies virus since their body temperature will make it impossible for the virus to thrive; however, they can still carry infections. While they are gentle creatures, they may also attack using their sharp claws and teeth when they feel agitated. These are just some of the bad habits that can affect your pets once they interacted with the uninvited guest in your yard. Just like the other animal, the opossum will only be aggressive when they are attacked or provoked. if you do not know how to properly handle the animal, the opossum removal technician will have the experience and knowledge to remove them properly from your property.

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