Will Squirrels Attack Humans

The squirrels are the most common nuisance creature that you will encounter in your community. While the animals prefer to stay away from presence of any human activities, it is still not impossible to have a direct conflict with them. They can cause damage to our vegetable gardens. They may also attack humans especially if they feel threatened. Attacks of squirrels can be rare, but you should remain alert on their attack especially if there is an increased presence of squirrels in your area.

How Often do Squirrels Attack
When people handed free food to the squirrels, they are creating a situation where squirrels may attack them. The animals will hate to be near humans, but their hesitation will disappear if you give them food. If they learned how to depend on you, they might act aggressive when you do not provide them with free food. You may also be exposed to the attack of the squirrel if they live close to you. Make it a habit to check the obscure areas of your house periodically.

Incidence of Squirrel Bites
Since the squirrels will not be a primary carrier of rabies and because the attack will not be fatal, the USCDC will not keep record of the frequency of the squirrel’s attack on people. During the year 1995-2015, around 522 people have fallen victim from the attacks of the dogs and around 1,231 individuals were killed by on-human mammals. This will include the farm animals such as pigs, cows, horses, cats, raccoons, and others. Unfortunately, squirrels were not included in the list.

However, while there are no records that states the attack of the squirrels on humans, the evidence cannot be denied that they will still attack humans occasionally. For instance, there was an incident in California where a squirrel attack and injured at least 8 people. There are various archives in the newspaper that will highlight the attack of this small animals to us. Last 1921, a squirrel was killed when it tried to attack kids.

The Squirrels Presence on Urban Areas
The fact that the presence of the squirrels on cities is undeniable. During the green revolution, the squirrels were introduced to the park to make the place look more natural. The squirrels managed to adapt and learned how to survive in the urban jungle because of this. The squirrel’s attacks have been documented even before the green revolution. Nonetheless, since humans in the city tend to feed these creatures, they are exposing themselves to the dangers of the squirrels. Feeding the animal increases the probability that the animal will attack them.

The squirrels are small creatures and if possible, they will choose to escape the threat. They prefer not to bother humans which poses the greatest risk to them. However, their increasing population in the city means that we are bound to encounter them. By keeping you house in its optimal condition and eliminating the things that can attract their attention, you are creating an environment that is less-inviting to them.

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